In my previous HBO study computer science me and my project group made a word robot.

The idea behind the word robot was to make a robot with Lego and an Arduino that could write a word by riding over paper with a marker. This robot isn’t really use full in normal life but I learned a lot . Besides the experience to work with a project group on a physical product I learned a lot about what you can do with a microcomputer like an Arduino.

The robot uses multiple sensor to locate its position on the writing area. When the robot finds its start position I will calibrate itself on the reference lines around the writing area. When it’s done calibrating it will start writing the first letter. After that the robot return to the reference line and calibrates itself again and will start on the next letter.

Me and my project group put a lot of time in to the project. Because of that we had an perfectly adjusted robot. Which won the competition we held in with the other robots of the class.

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