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This year I was asked to develop a professional website for an Agricultural Business. I know the owner and he asked me if I could make some examples of
how his site could look like. After he saw my examples he asked me to develop his website. His Agricultural Business has many different branches and he does cooperates with other Agricultural Businesses all over the country. Because of this his business needs to be easily found on the internet.

The website contain information about the Business and the different branches, contact information and a system for applying for summer jobs at his business.

I made the website using my own html skills and WordPress. I designed my own template and used WordPress as an easy and accessible content manager. This was a nice exercise to improve my web development skills and also taught me something about working for a client.

At the moment the website is almost finished, some small things need to be implemented and the content needs to be uploaded.

The website can be found at

Below you can find a screenshot to get an impression of how the site looks like (note that the used low res images are not the final images), since its still under construction it is not open for the public yet.


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