The Smart Vibe

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This is a group project me and my group members made in the second module of my first year of the study Creative Technology. The goal was to create a smart environment.

Goal of the Project

In our project we tried to make a smart environment in which automatically music is played that satisfies the most people in the area.

The problem

On big festivals there is often 1 main music genre. But sometimes people also want something else. So we created this easy system that organisers can use to create an area that adepts to the people that are in that area.

When our system is used on a festival people can already tell their genres when ordering their tickets. Then the bracelets that contain their genre data and serve as their entrance tickets can be send to their home. Of course people can also get such bracelet at the festival and register their data right there.

We work with a point system. Users picks a top 3 of the genres they like the most. Their most favourite genre gets 3 point their second favourite genre gets 2 point and their least favourite genre gets just one point. All these point are added together per genre and then the genre with the most points is played.

Description of the prototype

The main system of our prototype is the RFID reader. We use a lot of RFID cards that will simulate the RFID bracelets. Every card has a unique card number. This unique number is linked in our database to a user. When the RFID reader scans a card the card number is read. Then we look in the database to check the genre preferences of this visitor. Then the genre points of this visitor are added When the card is scanned again. The user is checked-out and the points are subtracted from the counter. For the genre with the highest points processing starts an apple script application that starts the Spotify playlist belonging to this playlist.

The prototype works like this:

  1. Scan your card
  2. Enter your top 3 of genres
  3. Scan your card again (you are checked in)
  4. Scan your card again (you are checked out)
  5. Scan your card again (you are checked in)


Our subsystem is a microphone connected to the Arduino. This microphone detects the sound level. Then a smart algorithm combines the microphone input level with the amount of people that are in our environment. This is counted by the amount of people that are checked in. Then this algorithm decides how loud the output level of the music should be. So then the output volume of the music is automatically adapted to the environment.


After we finished the prototype we working on extending our prototype to be able to also work with RFID cards we have in in our pocket every day like our OV-card and College Card. So it is also possible to use one on those card to check in and out.

RFID bracelets on festivals

We think that the RFID bracelets for festivals we use can be also used for other tasks like,

Serving as entrance ticket, paying method, keeping track of the area’s you’ve visited or containing data medics might need in case of an emergency.

We think our system can also be used in other places like an area in a club. Then people can just check in with a card they have in their pocket, for example their Public Transport card. Also it must be possible to check-in via a build in RFID chip in your phone or even in your body.

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