FLiRT – Smart Smoke Detector

This is the result of the group project of module 7; the entrepreneurship module. For this project, we had to write our own business plan for a start-up. Our business idea was FLiRT. A smart but still affordable smoke detector. Which was is a project I had laying around at that time (see my other […]

Lab Sessions

As a creative technologist, you also have a number of lab sessions. ranging from testing and proving a theory to building control systems and modulations circuits. This is the list of lab sessions if have performed so far: ECG measurements EOG measurements Analog PID controller Digital PID controller Analog modulation and demodulation Noise cancelling Second […]

End exhibition

The end exhibition went really well, everyone seemed to really like our movie. Sometimes people did really have to think because the viewer of our movie has to solve a riddle. It was nice to see that a lot of people seriously were trying to solve it. Let the user use a airmouse to interact […]

Locked in the riddle – Interactive Movie

My first Creative Technology group project, an interactive movie. The assignment was to make an interactive movie with your project group. An interactive movie is a movie were the viewer has interaction with the movie. The viewer can make decisions so the story can go multiple ways. Locked in the riddle Our interactive movie is […]

Infographic visual comunication assignment


Visual Communication assignment I made this infographic as an assignment for my Visual Communication course. The assignment was the let your class fill in a questionnaire an use that data to make an infographic of. I let my class answer the question “How many hours per week do you participate in sports?”. This is the […]

I create identity? – Progress on my first module CreaTe

“Creativity is just connecting things.” ― Steve Jobs Creativity… something I know I have, something I want to know how to use it. In the past weeks I learned a lot, not only about educational stuff but also about myself. About want I am and what I want to become. I know now that Creative […]


In my previous HBO study computer science me and my project group made a word robot. The idea behind the word robot was to make a robot with Lego and an Arduino that could write a word by riding over paper with a marker. This robot isn’t really use full in normal life but I […]

Design update

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. -Steve Jobs   After taking a look at some WordPress themes and last Mondays morning lecturer from Dennis, I changed my design a bit. I wanted to make my home page a little bit more personal. I want it […]

GOGBOT 2015 visit

‘’Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.’’ – Scott Adams Friday afternoon I went to the GOGBOT festival to see the exhibition of the interactive and creative technology related art. I had the assignment to pick one installation that I liked the most and one installation I disliked. […]

Starting a blog

“The starting point of all achievement is desire.”                                         -Napoleon Hill To be honest I was really excited when I heard our portfolio was going to be in the format of a blog.  A while ago I […]