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The second module is now almost over, I passed al my tests and assignments so time to reflect on the past 10 weeks of hard work, learning, building things and having a lot of fun. This module was a for sure a lot more challenging than the first module. I had to work really hard, and to be honest it felt really good to work hard and get good results. I like to challenge myself and to do everything as good as possible, but this is also really time consuming. Luckily I am really good in time managing so I could combine my study with my personal life really well.

The module started of really well, I ended the previous module with good results, which gave me a lot of perseverance to also get good results this time. At the beginning of the module they told us that it would a bit harder than the first module, and that this was a module where in you could really see if CreaTe is the right study for you. The module contained more math, physics, programming and a sketching course. I knew I would not be a star in every subject, but I did wanted to get the most out of everything and learn a lot of new things.

The goal I set myself in the previous module (described in my previous blog post about personal development) was to learn new things, to educate myself also outside of school, to figure out what kind of creative technologist I want to be, to use my strength as good as possible and to improve my weaker points.

This module you also had to set yourself a challenge. I set myself the challenge to improve my mathematical skills. In the first module I came to the conclusion that my mathematical skills where really not good enough to pass the upcoming math courses. I was never really good in math, at high school I had math on the level of HAVO which is one level lower than the level math we are continuing with in this study. My skills weren’t as good as the used to be. So I knew that I had to do a lot of work to get my math skills to the right level, All of the other things in the study are really going well and I really like this study so I won’t let math stand in the way.

So I decided that my challenge of this module would be improving my math skills, because if I don’t I will not pass the module and probably have to stop with the entire study. I knew improving my math skills wouldn’t be an easy thing to do, it would take a lot of time and practice. Luckily I have a lot of perseverance and discipline so I was resolute to work really hard and to succeed my challenge.

To succeed my challenge I planned that I would need to work on my math skills at least in al weekends and 2 evenings a week besides the weekend and of course pay a lot of attention in the math lessons.  I really took my challenge seriously, I spend a lot of time on my challenge besides all the other work I needed to do and the things in my personal life. Sometimes it almost was a little bit too much, for example I went on a weekend trip with my family but I also studied here and even went home earlier to still have enough time to study. But all this hard work was not for nothing because I could see my result getting better and my grades go up. Also in the math classes I found a classmate who was quite good in math and he helped me a lot. He had a lot of patience’s and explained everything over and over again until I understood it. I am really grateful that someone could help me, in return I could help out with other courses. It is nice to know to you can help each other.

It was not always fun to work so much on math because I simply don’t like it. But I carried on because I really wanted to succeed my challenge. And I am happy to tell you that I did! I had good result and grades and passed the math course. I am sure that if I wouldn’t have put so much work in improving my math skills that I would never had passed the math course and because of that would also  have failed the whole module. But luckily I really improved my math skills, I am really happy with my results and I am sure that this will make it much easier to pass the next math courses. Of course will math always be something I will have to work hard on, but now I am really sure that I can do it. This just gives you way less stress to know that you can achieve almost anything as long as you are willing to work hard.

Besides the math course I also had a physics like course called EDF which was a really interesting course. The first part was about the physics of sound and sound waves. The second part was about electrical systems. Both were really interesting. In the first part I learned a lot of new things which helped me to understand other things in physics like signals and waves. The second part about electrical systems was really useful for another course we had this module.

This course was Programming and Physical computing. In this course we learned more advanced programming and building physical electrical systems. Every week we had an assignment that fitted to the things that we learned that week in the lectures. For example we had to build an infrared game controller and a rotating radar. This course was a lot of fun and was also really useful and educational. I learned so much in this course, things I can use throughout my whole study and in my own projects outside of school.

This module also included a sketching course. Sketching wasn’t always fun but is wasn’t that hard as the other courses. It was difficult in another way because you needed to practice a lot. For some people it was easier than the other, for me I wasn’t that easy in the beginning because I don’t really have talent in drawing. But with a lot of work and practice I managed to get a really nice grade at my end portfolio (soon available on my portfolio website).

The last course was combined with the project. The course Smart Environments was about how to create an invisible networked system that uses multiple sensors to control an Environment in a smart and autonomous way. The lectures and the test were not that hard, no skills needed you just needed to learn things by head. the project on the other hand was really skill based combined with the things you learn in the lectures.

The project was to create a Smart Environment. I work to getter with to other people and together we made a smart festival area which automatically adapts to the people who are in the area. We put a lot of time in the project and we are all happy with the result. It was nice to work on a physical project, the previous project was digital and now you have a real physical product. We had a small team so the team worked together really well. Every one work really hard and together we have created something nice.

I will put all the things I made this module on my portfolio website.

This module was really challenging and that was exactly what is was looking for in this study. Now I am even more sure that create is the perfect study for me. There will always be things I have to work really hard for, things like math, but it also gives you such a good feeling when you succeed at these things. I think I can say this module was a big success. I passed the module and have really nice grades, I really learned a lot and also had a lot of fun.

I also did a good job on my personal goals I set at the end of the previous module, I continued to educate myself outside of school by reading books, listening to podcasts, learning from my role models and by following the news related to all things creative technology. I also started working as a sports/fitness/bootcamp trainer at my gym. I am following some courses and recently got my first certificate to give group lessons and bootcamp training sessions. I think it is important to do something completely different beside for my study. Because I can learn so much things in completely other jobs, things that I later on can reflect on my professional life as a creative technologist. For example the skill to give group lessons at the gym. I learn to lead people to motivate people and learn to be responsible for other people. These are all things that I can use and reflect in my own professional life as for example being a good leader. Because a leader also needs to be responsible for his people and he also needs to be able to motivate them.

I am working really hard on both my professional and personal development, and I think I am doing quite a good job. I will continue to achieve my goals, but I want to add one extra thing to my goals and that is to look up any possible jobs for in the future when I am done with Creative Technology. Recently I have been thinking a lot about my future and I actually have no idea what kind of job I want to do after I graduate. I know I still have plenty of time but I think it is never too early to take a look and find something to work towards, to set goals and to challenge yourself.

I really look forward to the next module, I like this study a lot and I really want to get the most out of it.


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