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The Smart Rainwater Buffer (SRB) was my graduation project for my Bachelor Creative Technology. After graduated with a 9.3, I continued working on the SRB and the project is currently at the start of a pilot.

More information on the project and process will be coming soon!

Because of the way the city of Enschede is build it cannot handle heavy rainfall very well, resulting in flooding of streets and basements. In order to deal with this problem, the concept of the Smart Rainwater Buffer was ideated. Which is a smart rainwater buffering system which can be installed and connected to the roofs of the inhabitants of Enschede. The system buffer water during rainfall reducing the strain on the sewage system. This bachelor thesis describes the process of developing a DIY and consumer ready Smart Rainwater Buffer. A literature research on ‘Design for DIY’ was conducted to design the system to be easy to assemble by the user. Next to that research was conducted on data communication technologies for smart city IoT and fluid level measurement techniques. Several concepts were ideated, from which one concept was chosen by the stakeholders. This final concept was used to build a prototype of the Smart Rainwater Buffer. The prototype incorporates a newly designed sensor module suitable for most rainwater barrels. The complete system was designed to be as robust, reliable, and user-friendly as possible.

Here you can find my thesis.


The final prototype of my graduation project



One of the iterations of the sensor module

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