Take a look at the stuff I’ve been working on recently.

Smart Rainwater Buffer – Gemeente Enschede

The Smart Rainwater Buffer (SRB) was my graduation project for my Bachelor Creative Technology. After graduated with a 9.3, I continued working on the SRB and the project is currently at the start of a pilot. More information on the project and process will be coming soon! Because of the way the city of Enschede […]

UTx – Online Learning Platform

During my study Creative Technology I developed an online learning platform for Creative Technology students. I developed the entire platform using the php framework Symfony. UTx is an extracurricular assignment commissioned by the bachelor study Creative Technology from the University of Twente. The purpose of UTx is to provide an online learning platform that can […]

Image processing maze solver

During my pre-master computer science i did a project on image processing. The maze solver is an application that will solve a hand drawn maze. The user draws a maze on a whiteboard or on a piece of paper. Then a button is pressed and the application will analyze the image and convert the drawn maze […]


ABOUT OUR INSTALLATION In the Netherlands, the fire squad is called about a hundred times every single day, if not more often. We sometimes do not fully realize of how much value firemen are to us. They’ll help you out in the middle of the night when you’re stuck in an elevator or when your […]

Data Visualization

For a data visualization course i created a interactive visualization of the holiday destinations of the Dutch. The visualization uses a data set that contains the number of people that visit a holiday destinations per year over the last 20 years.  The visualization is a web application made using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the D3 […]

FLiRT – Smart Smoke Detector

This is the result of the group project of module 7; the entrepreneurship module. For this project, we had to write our own business plan for a start-up. Our business idea was FLiRT. A smart but still affordable smoke detector. Which was is a project I had laying around at that time (see my other […]

Cow birth sensor – IN PROGRESS

Me and my father are often brainstorming about things that could make the work on the farm easier or more efficient. One of the ideas is a cow birth sensor that can detect when a cow is about to give birth. Unfortunately, the concept seems to already exist, but it still remains a nice project to […]

Pacman C++ / AI

The Pacman game completely self-programmed in C++ using an AI search algorithm. In the AI programming course from module 6, I learned a new programming language; C++. I used C++ to study different kinds of AI search algorithms; Depth-First search, Bread-First search, Greedy search, and A* search. The end assignment of the course was to […]

Pear2Pear online learning network

Pear2Pear is the result of a project from module 6 were in we developed a product following the HCI method (Human Computer Interaction). This is a method that help you make a product that fits your potential customer in the best way possible. During the process, you are in each step repeating the cycle of Making, […]

Website development

This year I was asked to develop a professional website for an Agricultural Business. I know the owner and he asked me if I could make some examples of how his site could look like. After he saw my examples he asked me to develop his website. His Agricultural Business has many different branches and […]

Autonomous driving, sensing and the moral code

Introduction Cars are becoming more and more autonomous. In only a few years they are expected to be fully autonomous. But how well can we rely on them to bring us save from one place to the other. The goal of this literature research is to dive into the processes of making a self driving […]


In module 5, the smart tech module I followed the sensors course. The course provided insight in: basic methods for measuring quantities and parameters in the electrical, thermal and mechanical domain sensors commonly used for the measurement of these quantities the general performance and basic limitations of these sensors deploying sensors in an application context The […]

Lab Sessions

As a creative technologist, you also have a number of lab sessions. ranging from testing and proving a theory to building control systems and modulations circuits. This is the list of lab sessions if have performed so far: ECG measurements EOG measurements Analog PID controller Digital PID controller Analog modulation and demodulation Noise cancelling Second […]

Art, Impact and Technology Project

The last module of my first year creative technology was about Art and Technology. About the methods of having interaction between people and machines. We used designing techniques, calculations of probability and smart nature and physics inspired algorithms to make interactive art installation. Our assignment was to make an interactive art installation around the theme […]

Smart Smoke Detector – IN PROGRESS…

At the moment i am working on a wifi connected smoke detector. I am using a esp8266 chip to hack a ordinary smoke detector. ESP8266 is a complete and self-contained Wi-Fi network solutions that can carry software applications, or through Another application processor uninstall all Wi-Fi networking capabilities.   What i have achieved so far: Detecting […]

Flashlight – Final Design

End assignment Designing in Context. My final design 3 modelled in Maya. See my previous post on this assignment here.

Insulation Quality Checking Drone

  This project is commissioned by a Dutch company called Recognize and is executed by several Dutch CreaTe students from the University of Twente. The goal of this project was to come up with a revolutionizing idea using new technologies. These technologies are those in the ballpark of drones, augmented/virtual reality or other upcoming technologies. […]

Foam modeling: Flashlight in context

For this assignment we had to design a flash light for a special context. I got the context “grandmas attic“ assigned. So I had to design a flash light to is easy to use on a dusty attic. I came up with the following ideas and made this foam model out of it.  

3D modeling

My end assingment Interactive Visualistion course. The interactive visualization course was about 3d modeling. We learned to use Maya and Unity to make and display our own creations. It is incredible that it is possible that it is able to render such highly detail images that almost look real. I liked this course because I now can make […]

Foam modeling: Extension of the body

My first assingment for the Designing in Context course. In this course we learn about product design. The assignment was to design a device to point with. We had to make sketches to prepare for a foam modeling workshop. In the foam modeling workshop we had to translate our design in to a physical model made of foam. We made […]

The Smart Vibe

This is a group project me and my group members made in the second module of my first year of the study Creative Technology. The goal was to create a smart environment. Goal of the Project In our project we tried to make a smart environment in which automatically music is played that satisfies the […]


here are some of my sketches i made for my sketching course, better images will follow as soon i have my portfolio back.    

Locked in the riddle – Interactive Movie

My first Creative Technology group project, an interactive movie. The assignment was to make an interactive movie with your project group. An interactive movie is a movie were the viewer has interaction with the movie. The viewer can make decisions so the story can go multiple ways. Locked in the riddle Our interactive movie is […]

Infographic visual comunication assignment


Visual Communication assignment I made this infographic as an assignment for my Visual Communication course. The assignment was the let your class fill in a questionnaire an use that data to make an infographic of. I let my class answer the question “How many hours per week do you participate in sports?”. This is the […]

Warehouse robot

In my propaedeutic year HBO computer science I worked on an assignment about warehouse automatization. The key of the assignment was to make a simulation of how a warehouse works and by what algorithm it could operate the most efficient. I did this project with my project group. The project includes: Research papers, Functional design plan, […]


In my previous HBO study computer science me and my project group made a word robot. The idea behind the word robot was to make a robot with Lego and an Arduino that could write a word by riding over paper with a marker. This robot isn’t really use full in normal life but I […]