Image processing maze solver

During my pre-master computer science i did a project on image processing.

The maze solver is an application that will solve a hand drawn maze. The user draws a maze on a whiteboard or on a piece of paper. Then a button is pressed and the application will analyze the image and convert the drawn maze into lines in a coordinates system, which will be displayed on the user interface. Subsequently the user can adjust the maze, or immediately let the application solve the maze. When the maze is solved the application will show the route out of the maze on the user interface. Finally the user will be able to let the application analyze a new maze and the application will again calculate the route out.

The complete system run on a raspberry pi and was programmed in python with an javascript front end. The system incorporated multiple path finding algorithms  (breadth first search, A* search, greedy search).

See the video below for an impersion of the system, sorry for the fast audio… the maximum length of the video was only 2 minutes :p .

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