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Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

~ Jim Ryun

This first module seemed to have gone really fast and I already feel at home here at UT. When I chose this study I thought I had a good impression of how things were going to be here. I have chosen for this study because the study I was following at that time wasn’t the right study for me. In my previous study HBO computer science I very quickly had to choose one thing I wanted to specialize in and there was no room for creativity. Also the study was not challenging enough for me. So I made the choice to quit after I got my propedeuse and go study CreaTe, because of the higher level education, room for creativity and the multidisciplinary program.

I’m glad I chose for Create, this study fits so much better to me. To be honest at the beginning of the module I doubted a bit if this study was right for me and if it was what I had expected. I have studied computer science last year so for me were the courses programming, computer science and web technology not as challenging as I hoped. I was afraid I would again get the feeling that this study was too easy for me and just as boring as my previous study. But luckily this is not the case anymore. The difference with my previous study has become very clear. I’m much more free here in my way of studying, I like to learn things on my own and at my own speed, I also love to challenge myself.

Because of my previous study I already had quite some knowledge of computer science and programming so now I had time to really challenge myself. I had more time to study the complicated things and I could also help my fellow students, something you can also learn a lot from. Another big difference is that this program and the UT are just so inspiring. We are here together with so many talented people with all new and creative ideas. Also the guest lectures and regular lectures can be really inspiring. I even had to buy myself a new note block because I got so many ideas that I needed a place to write everything down. Also my whole idea of the university was different than it is in reality. I thought the university was really focused on self-study and you would be responsible yourself to understand everything, it is of course something like this but just different than I had imagined. The teachers are all so motivated to learn you something. The way of teaching here is much more personal than in my previous study. There you were one of the many. Here you are also one of the many, but the program is much more personal. The teachers really want to learn you something and if you show them you are really doing your best they are willing to do a lot to help you. This just gives me a good feeling and makes me feel that I’m here at the right place.

The module is called “We create identity’’ a module where in you will look for you identity, and I have to admit that I really went searching for my identity. I also started to think about my future and what I have to do to make my future dreams come true. If this has come because of all the inspiring lectures we had or just because I am seeing myself develop really fast, it doesn’t matter I think both really helped me a lot.

Lately I really started to think about my future. Before this study I studied computer science, what wasn’t really the study I was looking for. But I am still really glad that I have done it. While I was following that study I developed myself so incredibly much. In a year I have grown so much both personally and professionally. I always want to get the most out of everything, what led to that I accomplish to get my propedeuse cum laude. Everyone in my surroundings and even myself saw that I have developed myself a lot the past year. I found my own way of studying which has granted me success every time. I also learned to time manage, because I keep myself really busy with school, sports and work, I had to spend my time very efficient. I have become really good in it. I also did a lot of project work in groups, this showed me that I am a good leader in groups, I am good in managing and motivating people to do work. Also the course called ‘’personal development’’ really helped me in developing personally and professionally. There I had to reflect on myself. Before I started at HBO I was really bad in writing. I had a hard time to even get 4 lines on paper, but suddenly I got the feeling and inspiration to write, now I have the feeling I could easily write a whole book if I had to. Slowly I really started to enjoy writing, and found out that I maybe have talent for it. So writing is definitely something that I want to develop myself in. I am used to write in Dutch but this new study gives me the perfect opportunity to develop myself in writing in English. A international language, so may it ever happen that I get an opportunity to write something for the public than I will be able to reach a bigger audience.

The things I learned at my previous study were interesting, but I wanted more, more challenge and more creativity. But instead of that I actually had to limit myself and make a choice about what I wanted to specialize in. This gave me the feeling that I didn’t had enough space to develop myself to my interest, talents and full potential. Because in didn’t wanted to get locked up in my study I decided to look for another study.

Al those experiences have shown me that I have potential to do something with my life, that I have a future and that I can almost do everything by working hard, having a lot of discipline and never giving up easily. I think that my propaedeutic year HBO was the perfect preparation for the study I’m following now. Now I am ready to take the next step towards my future. I am fully prepared and ready to give everything to start my study Creative Technology.

I have a great passion for tech and science, but at the moment I am not entirely sure what I want to do with it. The thing I do know is that I often have good ideas and that I want to solve problems with smart technical solutions. I like to work out an idea, build prototypes and test them with future customers/users. I also like to motivate people, lead people and maybe even teach them. So I think I’m at the right place here at the UT. In my previous study I had the fear of having to specialize me. I am not ready yet to make a decision to develop myself in a certain direction. I was afraid that I had to make a choice so quick while I wasn’t even sure what I liked and were my passions lie. That I would limed myself what could have made big consequences for my future. Luckily do I now still have some time to orientate myself and make a good decision.

I’m aware of what my strengths are and I want to use them the best way possible. I also want to improve my weaker points. Lately I’m working really hard on my personal development outside of school. I am always really up to date about news in the tech/science area and everything around it. But now I really try to get deeper into the stuff I read about, to do more research to enlarge my knowledge. I also looked up some role models, to learn from their work, failure and success. I listen to some podcasts by people that work in the field were I’m probably going to work in. So I get a good impression about how it really is to do stuff with the things I’m learning about. I recently started to show an interest in literature. I read books about inspiring people in the tech and science world, scientific and technical books on theories and explanations and sometimes also a science fiction book those can also be a source of inspiration. All this to increase my knowledge so that I can apply it in my professional life.

I am still not sure what my I want to become in the future but I’m preparing myself the best way as possible. The thing I do know is that I have a lot of ambition, discipline, perseverance and dreams, so I’m sure that I will find out what I want to be. Now I have the chance and the time to make something of my life and I will try to get the most out of it.

“I create identity” something I think I can say about myself. I’m still not sure what my identity is as a creative technologist, but I think I’m at the right place to find out. I look forward to the rest of this study, to explore, to try, to succeed, to fail, to create my identity.

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