I create identity? – Progress on my first module CreaTe

“Creativity is just connecting things.”
― Steve Jobs

Creativity… something I know I have, something I want to know how to use it. In the past weeks I learned a lot, not only about educational stuff but also about myself. About want I am and what I want to become.

I know now that Creative technology the study is that I have been searching for. Now I know that I am in the right place I can discover what kind of Creative Technologist I want to be. For now I think I want to be the person who can see problems in society and can come up with smart solutions for those problems. I also like to design things and make prototypes. At the moment the whole business side doesn’t really appeal to me. But maybe this will change later in the course when I have more experience.

The courses I have in this first module are not that hard for me. I have the advantage that I studied computer science last year. I already have some experience with programming so this works in my favor in the web technology, programming and computer science courses.

Besides that some course may be a little bit more easy for me I still work hard. I try to challenge myself to look at more advanced solutions and try to understand everything as good as possible. Because only if you really understand the core of the basics you are able to more advanced things in the best way possible.

I already had to do some assignments, for example this blog post is one of them :p. I like the assignments that I do for web technology the most, because the assignment is to make your own personal blog/portfolio, something I wanted to do for a long time but actually never did.

I also like the programming course, because it has a visual side. The previous programming courses I followed on HBO where only focused on code, you were only looking a code all day. In this course you learn coding by coding visual programs, this way of learning to code I way more fun and I also think you learn quicker this way.


One of my programming assignments. – Moving and bouncing creatures.


The course ‘’ Introduction to Computer Science and Engineering” can sometimes be a bit boring ;), but is also really informative. You learn to understand how computers work and how you can use that knowledge to program in the most efficient way. I think this course I really useful because it is important to know what you are working with.

Visual communication is more of a creative Course. You are really free in the way you do your assignment. At first I didn’t really understood the purpose of the course(to me it was just looking at pictures or fonts for 4 hours). But if you think about it some more you will see the purpose, it is about bringing a message in a visual way not only by just reading text but also in other ways and it is about paying attention to details.

visual 3

One of my visual communication assignments.- The impact of words and images.

I am really happy I chose for this study, I think it is the perfect study for me. I hope that with this study I will learn to do something with my creativity. I have a lot of cool ideas that I would like to do something with and of course as soon as I have, I will post them here on my website in my portfolio :p.

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