GOGBOT 2015 visit

‘’Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.’’

– Scott Adams

Friday afternoon I went to the GOGBOT festival to see the exhibition of the interactive and creative technology related art. I had the assignment to pick one installation that I liked the most and one installation I disliked.

There were a lot of interesting and impressing installations. There were installations with big screens that were perfectly finished that looked really professional. Those installations immediately  get your attention. But the problem with some of those installations was that is wasn’t always clear what the intention of the installation was. What it was supposed to show you and how you had to interact with it. There was only a little bit text to explain its intention. Of course there were people around who could tell you all about the installations, but I think that is also important that the intention of the installation shouldn’t be so complicated that you always need explanation from someone. If you don’t know the meaning of the art it is no problem, because that is something that’s really personal for the artist. But it would have been nice if in some cases it would have been a little bit more clear what the installation did. It would be really unfortunate if you build such an interesting and expensive installation and the audience doesn’t know how to interact with it.

The installations made by the students from the UT were way easier to understand. Maybe because it is made by students and not really professional artist or maybe because they just paid more attention to user experience. Not to say that the students aren’t artist, they are, I was very impressed by their work.

My favourite installation was calledgogbot 1 “omniscient”, made by students. The installation was a vintage styled living room, full of personal stuff. Just by looking at the stuff you could imagen what kind of person was living there. It was presented in a way that it looked like someone was really living there. The interactive part of the installation was that when you touched something in
the room a personal story was told on the screen in the front of the room. The stories were presented in a really modern way, on a Facebook page. Every item in the room had a personal story from the person who was supposed to be living in the room.

I liked this installation, because it turned an ordinary living room into art. It felt like you were really in someone else’s living room with his personal stuff. The interactive Facebook posts could explain why the person living in this room had all those objects. It introduced you to a character and by touching his stuff you get to know him.

The installation that I disliked was called “deep dream”.
The installation was based on an artificial intelligence experiment from a Google designer. It used pattern recognition software to make art from images. What in my opinion resulted in really weird and ugly images.

I didn’t like this installation because it gogbot 2constantly showed weird pictures that faded in to other weird pictures. There was also a lot of brown in the images, which I didn’t liked. That doesn’t take away that it is still really impressive to see what is possible with pattern recognition software. It just wasn’t nice to look at, probably because the images were generated by a computer and not by a human. So in this case it means that we still need artists and creative people because at the moment computers are not intelligent enough to automate everything for us.

I think my visit to GOGBOT was really inspiring, there were so many interesting and cool projects that I got really inspired and exited. It didn’t necessarily got inspired to create art but it showed me what is possible and I think that it is really useful for my feature projects.


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