Design update 2.0

If you have a great idea, it will tell you how to execute it.



This week I did a lot of work, I realized my design. This took me quite some time but I am also very happy with the result.

At first I had to make a choice in how I was going to make my design in to a real website. First I wanted to make my own template from scratch but that would have took me too much time. So I chose another option, I took an already existing template and I changed the code. So I went for a really basic theme and modified it so it would fit my design wishes.

The problem I had was that I was really used to making websites without a cms like WordPress, but I found a way to combine my old way of making a website with using WordPress. For example I wanted an interactive introduction part on the home page. You cannot really make this in WordPress because you need some scrips and some extra style sheets. So what it did is make this part of my page into a separate html file and load it via a iframe on my WordPress site. This solution works perfect I even made the html page responsive so it always has the right fit in the page.

I also had a problem with the navigation bar on top of my site. The theme didn’t support a free responsive navigation bar, so I made it responsive myself. It was really easy I only had to add some lines of code in the style sheet and the job was done.

I also changed the way my website shows the portfolio page. My portfolio page is really simple I just use the category page with all my portfolio items. But I didn’t want the title “Category Archives: Portfolio” to be on top of my page instead if this I want the title “Portfolio”. I fixed this problem by changing the PHP code that is used to generate the standard title.

<h1 id="page-title"><?php
if ( strpos(vantage_get_archive_title(),'Portfolio') !== false) {
     echo "Portfolio";
    } else {
     echo vantage_get_archive_title() ;

My template did also not have the ability to put a date/time stamp at the bottom of my posts. I fixed this by adding a line of PHP in the content sheet. Now every post gets automatically a date/time stamp.


I am really happy with my website, of course I still have some work to do like giving the pages content and making some small changes but most of the work is now done.

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