Full NameJeroen Waterink

BirthdayJuly 4. 1997.

Lives inEnschede, Netherlands

My story

I have a great passion for technology , science and al things related, especially gadgets and smart technology. I also like to design things and really use my creative side.
I am a “tech thinker”, I think about technology, how things work and how it effects society and the future.
I’m good in recognizing problems or things that can be done more efficient and coming up with a technologic and creative solution for it. I am not afraid to think out of the box, you maybe find just the right solution for a problem by looking at it different way than everyone else is.

About me

Hi, welcome on my online portfolio/blog! I am Jeroen Waterink a creative technology student at University of Twente. I have a great passion for innovation and smart technology. I'm excited to see what is already possible with technology and cannot wait to see what will be possible in the future. I like to make technological innovations myself. I am good at coming up with ideas to make things easier and more efficient. I would love to see something I've invented that will make life easier or just more enjoyable. On this website I will share my ideas and tell you about the projects I am currently working on and have finished.

My Education

Universiteit Twente   Enschede
Bachelor Creative Technology | 2015— heden
Specialisatie: Smart Technology

Universiteit Twente   Enschede
Pre master Computer Science | start:  sept 2017

Windesheim   Zwolle
HBO propedeuse Informatica | 2014 – 2015  (Cum Laude)
Software Engineering & Embedded Systems and Automation

Future goals

My future goals are improving my skills and learning new things (the things I will probably be doing for my whole life ;) ). My short time goals are getting the knowledge to use my skills and creativity to realize my ideas. My long time goals are developing and educating myself in the best way possible. Gaining experience and learn from it and improving my skills. My life goals are making a difference, taking opportunities, inventing and achieving great things.


Designing — Prototyping — Interaction Design — Concept Design
Java, HTML/CSS, PHP, SQL, C++, C

Key skills
- Responsible
- Project/Team management
- Disciplined
- Enthusiastic
- Eager to learn