Cow birth sensor – IN PROGRESS

Me and my father are often brainstorming about things that could make the work on the farm easier or more efficient. One of the ideas is a cow birth sensor that can detect when a cow is about to give birth. Unfortunately, the concept seems to already exist, but it still remains a nice project to develop by myself.

I didn’t have time yet to realize this idea. But I already have a design about how it has to work. The idea is that a sensor is connected to the cow’s tail. It is in the cow’s nature to lift its tail a couple of hours before it is about to give birth. If you can detect this with a sensor you will know in time that a cow is about to give birth. So you don’t have to check and look if the cow isn’t going to give birth, but you will be in time when it is.

For now, I am working on an energy efficient transponder that can be used to detect the position of the tail. Also, I am experimenting with different kinds of sensors that can detect the position.

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