Challenge module 5

Also in this module I have to do a personal challenge. For this challenge I decided to take my Java programming skills to a higher level. In CreaTe you only get the very basics of programming. But in my propedeuse year on HBO I did computer science and I learned a lot more about programming, making use cases, databases and customer support. In my challenge I want to build further upon the things I learned back then. As a creative technologist you learn to basic of everything but your not specialized in something. I want to specialize more in programming because I think I will benefit from this in the future.

So my challenge is to make a POS system for a restaurant of a friend. Right now they calculate everything by head, which works very inefficient. So a nice opportunity for me to make a nice solution for this.

This is the idea, at the end it should look something like this:

I will start with making:
• use cases
• mockups
• databases design

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